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How Do I Turn Off My Water Heater's Gas Supply

Offer Details: Follow these simple steps to turn off the gas supply to your water heater. 1. Call 911 if You Suspect a Leak. The danger of a gas leak cannot be overstated. If you smell gas, the best thing to do is to step away from your home, call 911 or your gas company’s emergency line, and follow their instructions. After you are given the go ahead to re

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Keep Your Fluorescent Lights On or Off

Offer Details: According to the Department of Energy, you should turn fluorescent lights out if you will be out of a room for longer than 15 minutes. However, there is a bit more nuance to the rule. It’s a myth that turning on and off fluorescent lights uses more energy than just leaving them on. Yes, it takes more energy to start up (turn on) a fluorescent

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How to Remove Rust From Metal With Everyday Items

Offer Details: 4 Steps to Remove Rust With Vinegar. Photo: Michelle Arnold / EyeEm / Getty Images. 1. Submerge. Fill a large bowl or a small tub, depending on the size of your object, with undistilled white vinegar. Then place your rusted object in the bowl or tub, ensuring that it’s completely submerged in the vinegar. 2. Soak.

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How to Remove an Old Drain From Your Sink

Offer Details: Remove the metal clip that holds the rod in place, and then remove the rod. There should be a pivot nut attached to the sink drain. Place a bucket underneath it and then unscrew the nut with a wrench, allowing any water that has collected to drain into the bucket. Then, you should be able to pull out the sink stopper from the top of the sink.

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Should I Turn Off Water to House When On Vacation

Offer Details: Here’s a look at three of the most compelling reasons you should shut off your water before a trip. 1. Broken Lines. While you’re away, water remains in the pipes at full pressure. If a pipe or hose breaks or bursts, water will continue to flow from it until the main is turned off, potentially flooding your home. 2.

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What to Do If a Contractor Took Your Money Without …

Offer Details: The threat alone might be enough to convince the contractor to finish the job or give you your money back. 5. Request Arbitration. Arbitration is a low-cost process where a neutral or third party mediates a resolution between you and the contractor. These out-of-court hearings are a great way to come to a final agreement without stepping into

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6 Easy Steps to Plunge a Toilet

Offer Details: Take the Plunge. Grip your plunger's handle. Then, take the plunger, place it securely over the drain opening, and push up and down forcefully for about 10 to 20 seconds. You're creating firm compression and suction to loosen the clog. The force of the water and air in the toilet should be enough to clear it up.

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How to Get Rid of Rats or Mice Under Your Deck

Offer Details: Here’s how: Dig a trench at least 1 inch deep around any open areas of your porch or deck. Install a fine-mesh screen such as hardware cloth or ¼ inch wire mesh for an inexpensive, practical solution. Or, go fancy with lattice strips. You could even put fine mesh behind the lattice for double protection and an attractive finish.

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How To Check That Your AC Is Cooling Properly

Offer Details: Here are six steps to tell if your AC unit is working properly that will help you stay cool in the summer months. 1. Inspect Your Air Filter. Changing your air filter is an inexpensive, easy fix before calling out a specialist, as a filter tends to cost between $50 to $75. To start, locate your air filter, either within the unit or near a vent

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Auto vs. On: What's the Better Thermostat Setting

Offer Details: Circulate Option with Smart Thermostats. Some newer thermostats offer a fan setting called “circulate.”. This setting is a hybrid between “on” and “auto.”. It runs the fan during system cycles and then again for a few minutes every hour. You’ll enjoy more and better air circulation, minus the power bill that comes with the “on

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How to Remove Crayon From All Surfaces

Offer Details: Scrub the stain areas with the towel until the crayon comes off. Vinegar: Here’s another surprising way to use vinegar. Dip a toothbrush in vinegar and scrub the crayon stains until they disappear. Toothpaste: Wet a toothbrush and apply toothpaste to it. Scrub the walls until the crayon comes off. Eraser: Take an eraser and use it to erase

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How to Program Your Water Softener Settings

Offer Details: First, figure out the hardness in your water supply—You can test your water at home using a water hardness test kit or send it to the water department to provide a detailed report. To change water hardness stated in parts per million (PPM) to grains per gallon (GPG), use this formula: Parts per Million / 17.1 = Grains per Gallon.

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True Costs of a Tesla Powerwall

Offer Details: For the same size home where energy use is higher or you want more power backup or off-grid capabilities, you can purchase a Tesla solar system with 19.20kW panels and four Powerwalls. This will set you back $70,000 before discounts and, depending on your location, $50,000 or less after those rebates and incentives are applied.

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How to Clean Soot off Your Walls

Offer Details: Vacuum the Soot From the Walls and Ceiling. Vacuuming is the best first step for cleaning—but tread lightly. Smearing the soot makes cleanup harder. Use the brush attachment or keep the nozzle about a half-inch to an inch away from the soot to suck it away without rubbing it into the wall or ceiling.

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How to Remove and Replace Fluorescent Lighting

Offer Details: Turn Off Power to the Bulb. A safety-minded DIYer might deem this step obvious, but make sure the power to the fixture is off before anything else. Depending on the bulb you are replacing, do the following: Flick off the wall switch Disconnect electricity to the fixture via your fuse box Test the electricity is off by flicking the switch again.

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How to Clean Bird Poop off of Your Outdoor Surfaces

Offer Details: 5. Apply Some Dish Soap. Photo: Maren Winter / Adobe Stock. Another simple way to remove bird poop stains from your outdoor furniture is with a mixture of dish soap and water. To do so, combine 1 tablespoon of dish soap with 2 cups of water. You can use a spray bottle to apply the mixture or simply pour it onto the area.

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How to Fix Sliding Doors That Always Fall Off Track

Offer Details: Place a large blanket or rug on the floor nearby where the door can lay while you continue the repair. Lift the door off of its track by lifting it up at a 30-degree angle, raising the wheels out of the track with the bottom closest to you. Then, gingerly place it on the rug or blanket while you troubleshoot the situation.

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Roof Layover vs. Tear-Off Roofing Roof Overlay

Offer Details: Cost. Because you are paying for more than the cost of new shingles when you factor in the cost of a new roof, the cost of having your roof replaced with the tear-off method is higher than other methods. It can cost between $1.20 and $4 per square foot to tear off and replace a roof from scratch. But be mindful that the higher quality of

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Why Is There No Cold Water Coming Out the Tap and How to …

Offer Details: Turn off the flow of water to the sink using the shutoff valve, which is attached to the pipe underneath. Next, turn both the faucet and the spray nozzle on at the same time before opening the valve again—this should disengage the nozzle’s vapor lock and return water flow to the faucet. 3. Check the Shutoff Valve.

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